Owner Name Location  
Aemetis/Lanzatech Project Aemetis Riverbank United States Info
Aerni Pratteln CHP Pratteln Switzerland Info
AEW Energie AG Pelletvergasser AEW Rheinfelden Switzerland Info
Agnion Technologies GmbH CHP Agnion Biomasse Heizkraftwerk Pfaffenhofen Germany Info
ARBRE Energy Limited (AEL) IGCC ARBRE Energy Eggborough United Kingdom Info
Autogasnord - Italy Info
Azienda agricola Camardo - Italy Info
Azienda Agricola Isca di Calvello Urbas Calvello Italy Info
Azienda Agricola San Vittore - Italy Info
Azienda Tenca dei Fratelli Zanotti/AB energy Orzinuovi Italy Info
Azienda Tessile Parmense GAS 1000 Italy Info
Babcock&Wilcox Volund CHP Updraft gasifier Daio Japan Info
Babcock&Wilcox Volund CHP Updraft gasifier Yamagata Japan Info
Babcock&Wilcox Volund CHP B&W Harboore Denmark Info
Bioenergie Schnellingen Bioenergie Schnellingen Germany Info
bioenergy 2020+ One Barrel per Day Pilot Plant Austria Info
Biomasse Energie GmbH FICFB Villach Austria Info
Biomass Engineering Ltd. CHP Mossborough Biomass Engineering United Kingdom Info
Biomass Engineering Ltd. CHP Biomass Engineering Cumbria United Kingdom Info
Biomass Engineering Ltd. CHP Biomass Engineering Preston United Kingdom Info
Biomass Engineering Ltd. CHP Biomass Engineering Culcheth United Kingdom Info
BioMCN Woodspirits Netherlands Info
BioMCN BioMCN commercial Netherlands Info
Bio SNG Guessing Synthesis Demo Guessing Austria Info
BioSynergi Proces ApS BioSynergi CHP demonstration plant Denmark Info
BioTfueL-consortium BioTfueL pilot France Info
Biowaerme Eberndorf CHP Urbas Eberndorf Austria Info
Biowaerme Mallnitz GmbH Urbas Mallnitz Austria Info
Bio&Watt - Italy Info
Blue Energy Syngas GmbH Holzheizkraftwerk Senden Germany Info
Buergerenergie St. Peter Buergerenergie St. Peter Germany Info
Burkhardt Cham Burkhardt Cham Germany Info
Burkhardt Neumarkt Burkhardt Neumarkt Germany Info
Burkhardt Nuernberger Land Burkhardt Nuernberger Land Germany Info
Centro Cisa Castel DAAiano Italy Info
Chalmers Technical University Centre for Indirect Gasification of Biomass Sweden Info
Chemrec AB BioDME Sweden Info
CHOREN Fuel Freiberg GmbH & Co. KG Synthesis CHOREN beta plant Freiberg Germany Info
CHOREN Industries GmbH Synthesis CHOREN alpha plant Freiberg Germany Info
CHOREN Industries GmbH Synthesis CHOREN sigma plant Schwedt Germany Info
Ciamber - Italy Info
Comune Quingentole - Italy Info
Cool Planet Project Genesis United States Info
Cortus AB WoodRoll Demonstration Sweden Info
Cortus Energy AB Probiostal Sweden Info
co-Ver Energy Holding Lake Maggiore Tecnoparco Italy Info
Cutec Synthesis Cutec Clausthal-Zellerfeld Germany Info
Duchi Fratelli Societa Agricola/Agroenergia - Italy Info
ECN Synthesis HVC Alkmaar Netherlands Info
ECN MILENA Gasifier Netherlands Info
Emamejeriet AB Emamejeriet (Ema dairy) Sweden Info
EMPA Duebendorf CHP Duebendorf Switzerland Info
Energia Uno Urbas Terni Italy Info
Energie Oberwart FICFB Oberwart Austria Info
Enerkem Westbury commercial demonstration facility Canada Info
Enerkem Synthesis Enerkem Sherbrooke Canada Info
Enerkem Alberta Biofuels LP Edmonton Waste-to-Biofuels Project Canada Info
Eomande Energie Puidoux Woodgasifier Switzerland Info
E.ON Gasification Development AB Bio2G Sweden Info
Eska Graphic Board Waste Paper Rejects Gasification Netherlands Info
Ettenberger Fulda Ettenberger Fulda Germany Info
Fernwaerme Neumarkt Ges.m.b.H. & Co.KG CHP Urbas Neumarkt Austria Info
Friedrich Wahl GmbH & Co. KG CHP Urbas Sulzbach-Laufen Germany Info
Fulcrum BioEnergy Sierra Biofuels Plant Synthesis Fulcrum BioEnergy City of McCarran United States Info
GDF Suez + consortium Gaya France Info
Go Green Fuels Ltd GoGreenGas United Kingdom Info
Goteborg Energi AB GoBiGas Phase 1 Sweden Info
Goteborg Energi AB GoBiGas Phase 2 Sweden Info
Graebner Esslingen Graebner Esslingen Germany Info
Graebner Hochsauerland Graebner Hochsauerland Germany Info
Graebner Rosenheim Graebner Rosenheim Germany Info
Greasoline GmbH GCC pilot plant Germany Info
GRETHA Nongbua DFB gasifier Thailand Info
GTI Gas Technology Institute GTI gasifier Des Plaines United States Info
Guascor Italia Rossano Calabro (CS) Italy Info
Guessing Renewable Energy FICFB Guessing Austria Info
H2Herten GmbH Blue Tower Technology Herten Germany Info
HEH Holzenergie CHP Pfalzfeld Germany Info
HGKW Bad Wildungen GmbH HGKW Bad Wildungen GmbH Germany Info
H.H. Kaeser GmbH Holzgasanlage 2 Kaeser Gasel Switzerland Info
H.H. Kaeser GmbH Holzgasanlage 1 Kaeser Gasel Switzerland Info
Holzstrom aus Nidwalden CHP Pyroforce Nidwalden Switzerland Info
Holzstrom GmbH CHP Urbas Neukirchen Austria Info
HoSt CFB Tzum Netherlands Info
Hotel Haffhus Hotel Haffhus Germany Info
HS Energieanlagen GmbH CHP Heatpipe Reformer Neufahrn bei Freising Germany Info
ICQ/SIAG/ERBA - Italy Info
Ilomantsin Laempoe Oy District heating plant Finland Info
INEOS New Planet BioEnergy Synthesis INEOS Plant Vero Beach United States Info
Jalasjaerven Laempoe Oy District heating Finland Info
Josef Bucher AG Escholzmatt Holzverstromungsanlage Bucher Escholzmatt Switzerland Info
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Synthesis bioliq - process Karlsruhe Germany Info
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) bioliq Germany Info
Kauhajoen Laempoehuolto Oy District heating plant Finland Info
Kiteen Laempoe Oy District heating plant Finland Info
Kokemaen Laempoe Oy CHP power plant Finland Info
Kopf Syngas GmbH and Co. KG KSV Mannheim Germany Info
Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan (Royal Institute of Technology) Centre for Direct Gasification of Biomass Sweden Info
Kuntschar Wolfshagen Kuntschar Wolfshagen Germany Info
KWS Landshut KWS Landshut Germany Info
KWS Ostalb KWS Ostalb Germany Info
Lahti Energia Oy Kymijaervi II Finland Info
Lahti Energia Oy Kymijaervi I Finland Info
Lamprecht Lamprecht GmH Italy Info
Ligento Nuernberg Ligento Nuernberg Germany Info
LTU Green Fuels DP1+DME pilot Sweden Info
Mekrijaervi Research Station District heating plant Finland Info
Metso Fibre Bioproduct Mill Aanekoski Finland Info
Metso Fibre Oy, Joutseno Mill Lime kiln gasifier Finland Info
MEVA Innovation VIPP Demonstration Sweden Info
Muensterland Energy Gmbh Muensterland Energy Gmbh Germany Info
Naturenergie Hersbruck GmbH & Co. KG Naturenergie Hersbruck GmbH & Co. KG Germany Info
NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) Thermochemical Users Facility (TCUF) United States Info
NUON/Vattenfall Wood co-gasification in IGCC Netherlands Info
Nurmes Micro-scale biomass gasification CHP Volter Finland Info
OKI Pulp and Paper Mill / APP OKI Indonesia Info
PoliTO Wood Gasifier Italy Info
Pritscher Landshut Pritscher Landshut Germany Info
Pyroneer - Orsted A/S Pyroneer Demonstration Plant Denmark Info
Qalovis Altenberge Qalovis Germany Info
Rau GmbH Urbas Balingen Germany Info
Red Rock Biofuels Commercial United States Info
RegaWatt RegaWatt Abensberg Germany Info
RISE ETC PEGB Pilot, FOX Sweden Info
Rottneros AB Rottneros Biorefinery Sweden Info
Rottneros AB Vallvik Biorefinery Sweden Info
RWE Essent Wood gasifier Geertruidenberg Netherlands Info
RWE Power AG MFC within ITZ-CC Germany Info
RWE Power AG MFC within ITZ-CC Germany Info
SEK Koblenz KSV Koblenz Germany Info
Sindal District Heating Company Dall Energy CHP plant in Sindal Denmark Info
Skive District Heating Company Skive CHP plant Denmark Info
Spanner Bamberg Spanner Bamberg Germany Info
Spanner Landshut Spanner Landshut Germany Info
Stadtwerke Duesseldorf CHP Arnsberg-Wildhausen Germany Info
STADTWERKE KONSTANZ GmbH CHP Urbas Konstanz Germany Info
Stadtwerke Rosenheim GmbH CHP Stadtwerke Rosenheim Germany Info
Steiner A. & Cie AG - Switzerland Info
Stirling DK CHP Flensburg Germany Info
Stirling DK Carlow Ireland Info
Stora Enso Lime kiln gasifier Finland Info
Stora Enso Gasifier at Varkaus paper mill (former Corenso) Finland Info
SynCraft CraftWerk Stadl Austria Info
SynCraft CraftWerk Innsbruck Austria Info
SynCraft CraftWerk Hatlerdorf Austria Info
SynCraft CraftWerk Vierschach Austria Info
SynCraft CraftWerk Schwaz Austria Info
Tembec Chemical Group Synthesis Tembec Chemical Quebec Canada Info
Tesoro former Virent Eagle Demonstration Plant United States Info
Thermochem Recovery International technology development laboratory and pilot plant - thermochemical United States Info
Total BioTfueL demo France Info
TUBITAK TRIJEN (Liquid Fuel Production From Biomass and Coal Blends) Turkey Info
Turku energia and Gasek Oy Wood gasification facility to generate steam for industrial laundry in Turku Finland Info
Updraft gasifier, Waiariki Windsor Engineering Group New Zealand Info
urbas Energietechnik CHP Demonstrationsanlagen URBAS Austria Info
VaermlandsMetanol AB Vaermlandsmetanol Hagfors Sweden Info
Vanerco (Enerkem & Greenfield Ethanol) Varennes Cellulosic Ethanol Canada Info
Vaskiluodon Voima Oy, Vaasa Vaskiluodon Voima Biomass Gasification Plant Finland Info
Vienna University of Technology / BIOENERGY 2020+ FT pilot Guessing Austria Info
Volter Kempele Ecovillage Finland Info
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd Pressurized FB for synthesis gas production Finland Info
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd Dual fluidized-bed steam gasification pilot plant Finland Info
VVBGC AB Vaexjoe Vaernamo Biomass Gasification Center AB Sweden Info
Waermeversorgung Grossenhain /POW AG CHP Grossenhain Germany Info
Wegscheid Aschaffenburg Wegscheid Aschaffenburg Germany Info
Wegscheid Bamberg Wegscheid Bamberg Germany Info
Wegscheid Bayreuth Wegscheid Bayreuth Germany Info
Wegscheid Demo Wegscheid Demo Germany Info
Wegscheid Passau Wegscheid Passau Germany Info
Weiss Hillerod two stage gasifier Denmark Info
West Biofuels LLC Thermal Reformer Synthesis West BiofuelsWoodland , CA United States Info
Woodpower in Wila CHP Wila Switzerland Info
WUN Bioenergy WUN Bioenergy Germany Info
ZAB Balingen KSV Balingen Germany Info


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