Project VIPP Demonstration

Country Sweden  
Status operational  
Raw Material lignocellulosic crops  
Input 1 Unit  
Input 2 Unit  
Input 3 Unit  
Output 1 Unit MWel  
Output 2 Unit MWth  
Output 3 Unit  
Type TRL 6-7 Demonstration  
Total Investment Currency  
Funding Currency  
Project Owner MEVA Innovation  
City Hortlax  
Input 1 Name biomass pellets  
Input 2 Name  
Input 3 Name  
Input 1 Capacity  
Input 2 Capacity  
Input 3 Capacity  
Output 1 Name  
Output 2 Name  
Output 3 Name  
Output 1 Capacity 1.2  
Output 2 Capacity 2.2  
Output 3 Capacity  
Partners Pite Energi, Cummins Ltd, Envibat AB  
Total Investment  
Total Investment Explanation  
Funding Explanation  
Startup 2012  
Contact (visible on Website) Niclas Davidsson +46 708 40 72 41  
Related Publications  
Techlology Brief Chrushed pellets are pneumatically fed with air into a cyclone gasifier. The resulting gas is cooled and the quenched in a co-curent scrubber using a biooil. After separation of the liquid, the gas is cleaned in a WESP prior to be routed into the gas engine.  
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