Project FICFB Guessing

Country Austria  
Status operational  
Raw Material lignocellulosic crops  
Input 1 Unit t/h  
Input 2 Unit  
Input 3 Unit  
Output 1 Unit MWel  
Output 2 Unit MWth  
Output 3 Unit  
Type TRL 9 Commercial  
Total Investment Currency  
Funding Currency  
Project Owner Guessing Renewable Energy  
City G├╝ssing  
ZIP 7540  
Input 1 Name wood chips  
Input 2 Name  
Input 3 Name  
Input 1 Capacity 3  
Input 2 Capacity  
Input 3 Capacity  
Output 1 Name  
Output 2 Name  
Output 3 Name  
Output 1 Capacity 2  
Output 2 Capacity 4.5  
Output 3 Capacity  
Partners Austrian Energy  
Total Investment  
Total Investment Explanation  
Funding Explanation  
Startup 2002  
Contact (visible on Website) Ing. Reinhard Koch  
Related Publications  
Techlology Brief The basic idea of the FICFB concept is to divide the fluidised bed into two zones, a gasification zone and a combustion zone. Due to the favourable characteristics of the product gas (low nitrogen, high hydrogen content) there are several research projects, which use slip streams of the product gas.  
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