Project FT pilot Guessing

Country Austria  
Status operational  
Raw Material lignocellulosic crops  
Input 1 Unit m3/h  
Input 2 Unit  
Input 3 Unit  
Output 1 Unit kg/d  
Output 2 Unit  
Output 3 Unit  
Type TRL 4-5 Pilot  
Total Investment Currency  
Funding Currency  
Project Owner Vienna University of Technology / BIOENERGY 2020+  
Street Wiener Strasse 49  
City Guessing  
ZIP 7540  
Input 1 Name syngas from FICFB gasifier  
Input 2 Name  
Input 3 Name  
Input 1 Capacity 5  
Input 2 Capacity  
Input 3 Capacity  
Output 1 Name  
Output 2 Name  
Output 3 Name  
Output 1 Capacity 5  
Output 2 Capacity  
Output 3 Capacity  
Total Investment  
Total Investment Explanation  
Funding Explanation  
Startup 2005  
Contact (visible on Website) Reinhard Rauch  
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Techlology Brief Aim of the work is to convert the product gas (PG) of the Biomass gasification plant with a Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process to liquid fuels, especially to diesel. A FT-pilot plant is operated, which converts about 5 Nm3/h PG at 20bar in a Slurry reactor to FT-products. The gas cleaning of the raw PG consists of several steps and consists of wet scrubbers and dry adsorbers. As catalyst in the slurry reactor, iron and cobalt based catalyst are used. The results from a Cobalt catalysts give mainly an n-alkane distribution from C1 to compounds higher than C60 n-alkanes. The iron based catalysts give more alkenes and oxygenated compounds. The analyses of the diesel fraction from the distillation of the FT-raw product show that the obtained diesel from the Cobalt catalyst has cetan-numbers of about 80 and is free of sulphur and aromatics.  
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