Project GTI gasifier Des Plaines

Country United States  
Status operational  
Raw Material lignocellulosic crops  
Input 1 Unit t/d  
Input 2 Unit  
Input 3 Unit  
Output 1 Unit MWth  
Output 2 Unit m3/y  
Output 3 Unit  
Type TRL 4-5 Pilot  
Total Investment Currency  
Funding Currency US Dollar  
Project Owner GTI Gas Technology Institute  
City Des Plaines  
ZIP 60016  
State Illinois  
Input 1 Name Pellets, wood chips  
Input 2 Name  
Input 3 Name  
Input 1 Capacity 24  
Input 2 Capacity  
Input 3 Capacity  
Output 1 Name  
Output 2 Name  
Output 3 Name  
Output 1 Capacity 5  
Output 2 Capacity 38  
Output 3 Capacity  
Partners Carbona (Finland and USA) biomass gasification process (based on cooperation with VTT of Finland), Velocys (USA) Fischer Tropsch Technology, UPM (funding); Andritz‐Carbona;  
Total Investment  
Total Investment Explanation  
Funding 2000000  
Funding Explanation  
Contact (visible on Website) GTI gasifier Des Plaines P. Vann Bush  
Related Publications  
Techlology Brief "Carbona (Finland and USA) biomass gasification process is originally based on licenses from the Gas Technology Institute and has subsequently been developed further by Carbona. Its first commercial application is under the Skive BGGE Small Modular Biopow  
Additional Information Gasification, sulfur removal, and tar reforming will be conducted at 1000 kg/h. The WGS, compression, CO2 removal, and heat exchange will be conducted at about 1400 scd/h (1/50th of the gasifier stream). The FT reactor will produce about 25 gal/d of